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Constance Lombardo began drawing when she was 10 years old, inspired in part by the Illustrators Annuals her dad brought home from the advertising agency where he worked, and in part by her sister doing a drawing and getting lots of attention. She’s been writing ever since she realized she loved stories (ie, since forever!)


She’s the author/illustrator of the middle-grade Mr. Puffball series and the picture book, Everybody Says Meow, and the author of Tiny Spoon vs. Little Fork (Illustrated by the amazing Dan & Jason!) She lives in Asheville, NC with her family. 

Okay, but what are your desert island foods?

Spinach lasagna, avocado toast, steak tacos, and carrot cake.

Favorite color?

I’ve thought about this a lot and part of me wants to say – RAINBOW! Especially if we’re talking sprinkles. But another part wants to say black and white. Black and white can be so dramatic and beautiful!


Best thing a reader ever said to me:

I’ve had more than one kid tell me they don’t usually like to read, but loved reading Mr. Puffball. If I can help somebody realize that books are fun… hooray!!


What’s the deal with all the cats?

Cats are cute and fascinating. I like the way they curl up into fur balls, glare, flick their tails, have whiskers, bathe by licking themselves, and sleep all day. Myrtle (RIP) was a big sweetheart cat whose habit of standing on her back legs inspired the idea of a stunt cat. And G. G. (short for Gandalf the Grey) is a mischievous and adorable cat whose kittenhood inspired me to create Pickles, the mischievous but adorable kitten. And the main character in Everybody Says Meow, though never named in the book, is actually named Myrtle.


Surprise ending!

I also love dogs and have wanted one for years. Now I have… Louie the Beagle! Louie is an older guy who mostly stares at me with eyes that say, “Please give me treats. PLEASE!!” He’s the nicest beagle in the world (as far as I know.) And he loves walks, though with our combined ages, it’s more of a meander.


Anything else?

If you feel like going to my ‘Contact me’ page and sending me a note about books, cats, dogs, spoons, forks, or anything else, that would make my day!! 

Myrtle loved being on the computer.

baby pic 001.jpg

Here I am before I knew how to use a fork or a spoon!

Headshot 1.jpg

Gandalf the Grey the Mischievous Kitten, aka G.G.

And here's my best buddie: Louie!

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